Worship Committee

We  invite  you to come and worship with us at one of our services.  Each Sunday in our Sanctuary at 11 AM we worship God in a traditional service.  We also have an earlier service at 8:45 in our Chapel on the first and third Sundays which is  a shorter traditional service with communion offered on the first Sunday of each month.  If you would like to take Communion more often a 15 minute service is available each Sunday at 9:30 in our Sanctuary.

Are you just breathing, or are you ALIVE? Here at Tabernacle we want to be Alive as believers and workers in God’s kingdom! As you have heard a new worship service (titled Alive) will be launching here at Tabernacle on September 13th, every Sunday at 9:00 am in the Fellowship Hall. For more information or questions please contact Rev. John Woods.