Sunday Morning Offerings

On Sundays from 10 – 10:55am at Tabernacle, there are a variety of discipleship classes to be a part of! Take a look at the following list to find locations and topics for all of our Sunday School opportunities!

  • Purvis Neese Class – Bible Study – Room 138 (led by Emma Lou Moss and Renee Jefferson)
  • Friendly Class – 1st Corinthians Study – Room 134 (led by David Helms)
  • Adult Disciples Class – God’s Urgent Call Study – Room 130 (led by Janice Horney)
  • Outreach Class – James Study – Room 126 (led by Pastor John Woods)
  • Parables Class – Romans Study – Room 121 (led by Brad Ehrhardt and Dan Cockman)
  • Koinonia Class – Romans Study – Room 135 (led by Teresa Ehrhardt)
  • Curiosity Class – 2nd Corinthians Study – downstairs Room 05 (led by Mike Brown)
  • Come Alive Small Group Class – Seamless Study – Room 124 (led by Wanda Swain)
  • New Beginnings Class – Jeremiah Study – Room 132 (led by John Bradley and Chris Barker)
  • Women Only Class – Anointed, Transformed, Redeemed Study – Church Parsonage across the street from fellowship hall (led by Heidi Brown and Kim Cripps)

Children’s Sunday School Classes (led by Kim Cripps):

All children meet at 10am in Room 145, then break off into small groups associated by grade. Please pick up your child at 10:55 am in the following locations!

  • Pre-K – Room 143
  • Kindergarden – 2nd Grade – Room 145
  • 3rd – 5th Grade – Room 122

Youth Sunday School Classes:

  • Middle School Students – Nooma Videos Study – downstairs Room 04 (led by Michelle Griffin and Heidi Bradley)
  • High School Students – Bible Study – downstairs Room 03 (led by Roger Kendrick)
  • Ladies Only, Middle and High School Students – We Saved You a Seat Study – Room 123 (led by Rebecca Stewart)

If you are interested in leading, helping lead, or knowing more about a current Sunday School class, please contact the respective current leaders listed above! If you are interested in wanting a new study, small group, or class, please contact our Christian Education Chair, Sam Jones at 336 – 362 – 4007.