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For more than 100 years the little church had stood on that corner.  When first erected, it had been out in the residential district, but as the city grew, the downtown areas crept up on it, finally overwhelming it completely.  Great towers of office buildings surrounded it on every side.  The congregation that worshipped in that little brown Church had never been large, and as the membership moved out into the suburbs, it just seemed futile to drive the miles, just to worship in the old home Church.  About the only attention the little Church received was a more or less covetous glance of appraisal, for the land upon which it stood had become very valuable indeed.

Surrendering at last, the congregation sold the property, took the money and build a new house of worship out in one of the lovely sections of the city’s suburbs.  The corporation that bought the site dismantled the building and cleared the lot.  At that point, and interesting and some say, Providential discovery was made:  against the side of the great office building that had crowded up so close, THERE WAS IMPRINTED THE SILHOUETTE OF THE LITTLE CHURCH.  The sun and rain had bleached the exposed portion of the building, but that portion protected by the Church was of distinctly different color.

Behold a parable.  We must always remember the impressions made by the Christian Church.  We may be inclined to doubt the effectiveness of the Church in a world like ours.  Yet all the time the mark of the Church is being emblazoned upon the lives of countless millions in city and country alike.

Efforts in mission, sharing the Love of Christ everyday and in every way, the preaching of the word, that Sunday School lesson, bread to the hungry, water to the thirsty, etc. all our making contributions to the life of the community and world that no one can guess or measure.

Tabernacle United Methodist Church is such a Church: leaving its mark, its impression on “the walls of this world” for Christ and love for neighbor.  Open this website and see for yourself.  Do you want to become part of that impression through Tabernacle?  Welcome!

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